One Platform for Disaster Recovery, Backup & Cloud Mobility


The service setup usually takes four hours or less with immediate and reliable support.


Achieve your Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives for any physical or virtual workload at any time.


Manage and control your resources through a single pane of glass with SecondSystem Veeam Portal (SSVP).

One Platform for Disaster Recovery, Backup & Cloud Mobility

The only all-in-one IT Resilience Platform, converging Disaster Recovery, Backup and Cloud Mobility in one simple, scalable platform.

Reduce cost and complexity of application migrations and data protection with Zerto’s unique platform utilizing Continuous Data Protection.

Orchestration built into the platform enables full automation of recovery and migration processes.

Analytics provides 24/7 infrastructure visibility and control, even across clouds.

Continuous Data Protection Datasheet

The Elements of IT Resilience

Built on a foundation of continuous data protection, Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform™ converges disaster recovery, backup, and workload mobility. Built-in orchestration and automation provide you one simple, agile solution to save time, resources and costs. Analytics with intelligent dashboards give you complete visibility across multi-site and cloud environments.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) allows organizations to automatically capture and track data modifications, saving every version of user-created data locally or at a target repository. With little-to-no production overhead, incremental writes are replicated continuously and saved to a journal file. CDP’s change block tracking also allows users or administrators to restore data to any point in time with remarkable granularity.

What is Continuous Data Protection?

Real-Time Block-Level Replication

CDP utilizes change-block tracking to constantly replicate data as it is written to storage. Because CDP is always-on, it offers considerably lower Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) than snapshot-based solutions – this means almost no data loss.

Journal-Based Any Point-In-Time Recovery

Journal-based recovery keeps a constant log of all the changes users make to applications and data. Because the changes are continuously written to the datastore, CDP delivers any point-in-time recoverability to within a specified time frame.

It is so easy to setup and get a backup you know works! The reintroduction of self-managed cloud backup is a welcome change as well.

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